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Problem: Shipping Beer Cans

Craft Beer cans

Shipping hundreds of dollars in beer cans is like rolling dice. Between climate changes, transportation companies and human error anything can happen to your package. Also the size of boxes can be enormous by the time you wrap each can in bubble wrap and fill the box with popcorn.

Solution: Beer Shippers

Beer can shippers packed

Our shippers were designed exclusively for shipping craft beer cans! Each shipper has 12 slots cut to the exact dimensions to hold cans (12 or 16 ounce) surrounded by 1" of Styrofoam on all sides. They are then fit into a custom 275 test corrugated box made to fit the beer can shipper like a glove. They even have tapered corners allowing space to add some noise makers to eliminate sloshing! The beer shipping boxes are durable and can be used over and over again.

Why Us?

Beer can shippers dimensions

Experience! Being a fellow craft beer geek I've been trading across the world for years. Between the time and effort it took me to properly box up a shipment, or the lack of effort from other beer traders (e.g., Roger Smith), I needed an easier solution to safely ship beers. I searched the internet long and hard for an answer, but there was nothing available. So I put my 25 years of experience in the print and packaging design world to good use and made my own beer box. And we're 100% made in America.


Beer can shippers dimensional weight

Q. Why not just use a wine shipper?

A. Dimensional weight. Shipping isn't determined by just the weight of the box. Shipping companies also use the size of the box to calculate your costs. I've posted a screen shot of the can shipper vs a standard wine shipper both are filled with 12 - 16oz cans. I'm shipping from Rhode Island and have entered a California destination address and while the wine shipper is only 2lbs heavier the box is much larger. 


Beer can shippers with packing tape

Packing Tape

Don't be afraid to use tape! Packing tape is cheap but your beer isn't. Make sure you cover your boxes with a layer or two especially when the forecast shows rain or snow. 

Ship Commercial

If you can ship to a business address instead of a residential address you'll get a huge discount. So always try to ship to either your job, your cousin's garage or to a shipping store when possible.


Check out how easy it is to use our Beer Shippers! 


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